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The Crisis in the Church-Episode 1 The extent of the Crisis

The Crisis in the Church-Episode 1 The extent of the Crisis

October 13, 2021

Many today have seen and witnessed a crisis going on in the Catholic Church. For many, this problem consists in seeing "Bad Bishops", "Bad Priests" and a "Bad Pope". Many also believe that the crisis is mainly the lack of morals, or of a spine in the Catholic Hierarchy. Both of these opinions are seeing the problem partially or under a wrong perspective. 

The truth is that the crisis in the Catholic Church consists in a counterfeit organization, which has been running under the esteem and prestige which the Catholic Church but has abandoned the faith. As the situation stands today, the Catholic Church remains, with its morals, and its faith untainted, but only in a few Bishops and Priests.

How can we tell what precisely is wrong with that counterfeit organization, and what are our grounds as Catholics to realize its deviation from the True Catholic Church? This show covers on a glimpse, what are the main points which have been attacked, and which we as Catholics, must therefore strive to sustain and preserve, together with the faithful Catholic Bishops and Priests.

We learn about the crisis, so we can learn how to be faithful to the Catholic Church, until it regains that splendor which Christ himself has given it!

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